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Thank you.

What people need to realize is that even if enrollment hadn’t declined, fixed costs have shot up. There isn’t too much you can do about either reality except A) pay for the difference, B) hope and pray trends reverse or C) not have public higher education.

Even after amortizing across a graduate’s entire adult life and accounting for inflation, the return on investment for every tax dollar spent on public ed education is paid back severalfold thanks to higher tax receipts, better health outcomes and lower crime. We need to fund higher ed, fully and equitably, if we’re to maintain our quality of life.


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They justify it because fixed costs have gone up without the state matching the increases. Same with the rest of the system. They justify it because math exists. It’s not “mismanagement” it’s just reality.

And no you can’t just dip into the endowment as most funds are restricted by donors for specific purposes.


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The overwhelming opinion of pre Christian philosophers before and after Aristarchus was a geocentric universe, and Christian beliefs about the universe were directly borrowed from Plato and Aristotle.

The Church fucks up lots of things but they don’t get the lion’s share of the blame here.


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Yep for most of the western “firsts” in astronomy there’s some evidence of them learning it from, or discovering it after, Babylonians or Persians. They in turn often learned it from Indians or Chinese.


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My dad listened to nothing but country so that’s what I listened to. I rolled my eyes at my friends who listened to grunge and hip hop and 90s girl pop. Ten years later that’s all I would listen to.