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If all of the MBTA managers were sent to jail, how much in savings would that be over having them continue their corruption and incompetence? How much further savings could the public receive if we out-source their incarceration to another country?

As a follow up, if the billions dollars in fraudulent spending on the new fare collecting machines were instead spent on an entire new jail, would this jail be large enough to house all the MBTA managers, their crooked friends, and corrupt politicians?

A further follow up, how much in expected pensions payments will the MBTA managers receive for the rest of their lives, monthly payments for not doing any work, after spending their entire career being corrupt and incompetent?


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Yeah, maybe the solution should be we all help Emily find a new apartment. If we cover her moving costs, and buy her a nice house warming gift, some apple pie, that would be easy compared to finding a new outdoor event space.


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You don't have to take the Charlie Card out of your wallet every time. So the new procedure is just take your wallet and swipe it over the card reader, the antennae will work through your wallet. If you have a bunch of other cards with RFID chips, then they may interfere the chip in the Charlie Card, so remove the unnecessary cards from your wallet.


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No, you have to enter your street name and number on this site to see when your trash days are. Also don't put your trash out if it's a snow storm, they don't collect trash if there is a snow emergency and shoveling your frozen garbage out sucks and you probably don't own a shovel.



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Here is just the dashboard


It's pretty useless, the conclusion is that we already knew the trips were hugely delayed with trains just moving at a slow crawl, sucks to be using the Red Line from JFK/UMass, that's got the single biggest delay.


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Thanks, no thanks, how about they stay in England instead of making Boston a photo shoot for their charity that doesn't actually fix anything. We already know the problem is fossil fuels and the solution is to reduce the use of fossil fuels, and part of the problem is rich pricks flying all over the world in jet airplanes. So fucking stay home you knobs.


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BSSC is great, but for total beginners the social aspect is negligible and if you have a car, you are better off just driving yourself and paying for lessons. I prefer Bradford. Mass for learning https://skibradford.com/

Do yourself a favor and buy some ski pants before you go skiing. Skiing in jeans is a rookie mistake. Cold, wet, miserable. Don't shop for ski gear at the mountain (or hill) it's way more expensive there. All ski gear goes on-sale after Christmas.