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I know more precisely how it works. It’s all based on a contingency. If you define it as otherwise yours it would have been in that scenario. That is how it works. I’ve worked within probate and have my own trusts.

You refusing to understand how things work, using any words, doesn’t mean you know shit about any of this

Now, you will fuck off. 👋


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I’m not going to dig into it for Sony but will add that phase usually does this. If you have one speaker in phase and one out of phase on the opposite side the sound “comes from everywhere” which is undesirable when it comes to setting a front sound stage.

I’d imagine if you those Sony units use multiple drivers that could switch phase live by driver it could use it in cool ways.

Totally bullshitting here though


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Post hoc ergo propter hoc. Please, for everyone's benefit, learn basic logic and skepticism. Basic. Even if you jump past causality, that in no way proves anything supernatural was involved. You can't just jump from "I found God belief and now feel better, therefore a God exists."


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> I suffered huge anxiety, PTSD, depression, etc from a childhood of sustained abuse. I met God.

That explains quite a bit actually. You’re incapable of being objective due to this.


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You don’t understand the basics here enough to understand why your response makes no logical sense. You don’t understand logic at all. I would avoid using the word if I were you


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