Heiminator t1_jaf2asr wrote

People who haven’t tried it seem to think that dragons and other weird hallucinations appear on your wall. The reality is very different. It’s like you just bought a new graphics card for your gaming pc and can suddenly move all the effect sliders to Ultra.

Imagine that your perception for all your live equals watching tv on an old CRT with mono sound. Acid turns your sensory perception into a 4K image with Dolby Atmos.

It’s the most mindblowing drug experience you can have, the closest thing to real magic that exists on this earth.


Heiminator t1_jaalc6l wrote

Terminator 2


Last of the Mohicans

Enders Game (Movie sucks but the soundtrack is divine)

The thin red line (imho the best work Hans Zimmer has ever done. Journey to the line is his masterpiece)


Heiminator t1_j2ez19z wrote

Michael Mann’s entire filmography is about people who are absolute experts of their craft. Heat, Collateral, Thief are prime examples.