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I took a closer look and they say:

"The findings of this cohort study of 126 394 middle-aged adults from the UK suggest that a healthful PBD was associated with lower risks of CVD, cancer, and total mortality. On the contrary, a plant-based dietary pattern characterized by higher intakes of sugary drinks, snacks and desserts, refined grains, potatoes, and fruit juices was associated with higher risk." https://jamanetwork.com/journals/jamanetworkopen/fullarticle/2802814

So they seem to conclude that a healthy vegan diet is healthier than the average British diet. But a unhealthy vegan diet is less healthy than the average British diet. But Brits in general eat a very unhealthy diet, so this is not saying much in my opinion. Other than if you choose to eat a unhealthy diet, being 100% plant-based is probably a very bad idea..


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I dont mention possible children at all when talking to people that dont have any. Not when they are single, not when they are married, not when they look pregnant, not even when knowing they are trying to have a baby. If they want to talk about it, they will bring it up. If not, its a subject better to avoid.


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> Hard to eat unhealthy on a vegan diet unless you are very devoted to fries, Oreos and impossible burgers.

I guess this means you have never visited r/vegan? There are surprisingly many vegans that brag about their unhealthy diet. They keep repeating that they are not vegan for their health but for the animals.


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> However, vegans who drank more sugary drinks and fruit juices, and ate more snacks, desserts, refined grains and potatoes had a higher risk of these conditions and premature death than non-vegans.

So better to be a unhealthy non-vegan than a unhealthy vegan?


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I would much rather see a study comparing a 100% plant-based diet to a wholefood diet which includes all food groups. Americans eat 57% ultra-processed foods, so almost any diet will be healthier than that. One exception being a vegan diet with the same amount of ultra-processed foods - as this study confirms..


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Sadly you see the same thing happening in sports. Paedophiles becoming coaches, and so they get access too hundreds of young people.

A while ago I saw a documentary where sports organisations protected paedophiles, because they didn't want the sport to be harmed.. This was top level organisations training for the Olympics etc.


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I don't think I ever had just one set. When I moved away from home I got a couple of sets with me from my parents home. And from there I bought by own. I would give the "oposite advice" I think: You only need two sets, not more. At least until you get yourself a family, and/or until you have a large enough home where you might receive guests on regular basis.