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But Win11 isn't a paid service, so what are you saying? I haven't paid for Windows at all since Win7. Win10 and 11 have both been basically free upgrades on existing computers, although I have yet to actually upgrade any of mine to 11. I'm holding out as long as I can, plus it's said all my machines don't meet the requirements anyways.

Edit: basically new computers for a while now had their windows licensing tied to the computer itself as long as it wasn't a custom built machine. That license works for newer version upgrades or at least has for me for the last 8 years or so.


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That's just joint compound someone stamped on the ceiling and failed to knock it down like they're supposed to. Normally you stamp it, let it dry for a short time, then come back and knock it down with light pressure using a circular motion to blend the texture a bit and make it look good.

I had a room in my basement like this. I used my 10" mud knife to just scrape across it and flatten all the really pointy parts off so it was close to how texture is supposed to look. Then I used a wet rag to soften the edges, let it dry and then repainted it and it looked a lot better.


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I'm curious what types of flooring you do use over slab then? I did tile over ditra in my master bath, there weren't any cracks in the slab, so I'm not worried about it cracking in there, did it mostly for waterproofing and a tiny bit of thermal insulation. I do still have about 1200 sft of slab floor that will need to be redone in my kitchen/dining/laundry/living area. I know I don't want to tile all of it, maybe none of it, but the best I can come up with is luxury vinyl planks (it needs to be waterproof, not just water resistant). Problem is the floor needs to be relatively flat and I can't use any underlayment with that stuff apparently. I'm confused why LVP doesn't allow underlayment when laminate planks do. I could just do LVP in the kitchen area and stick with carpet in the living area, but really would like to ditch the carpet. Large area over a likely unlevel and cracked slab is a problem though. I'm surprise there doesn't seem to be better options.


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You can prevent that by properly leveling the floor and then using an isolating or "decoupling" underlayment like Ditra over the concrete. Any major movements are likely done happening for a 30 year old slab. Minor movements can still happen and Ditra helps protect the tiles by providing some level of elasticity underneath the tile. Where I think you can about guarantee cracks is over a relatively fresh slab that's not done settling, especially if you don't use the protective underlayment.