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Thank you for this story. Sorry if I rambled for a bit when suggesting my prompt, the concept has actually been on my mind for quite a bit but I didn’t really know what to do with it. Also, I don’t really like DC and other superhero comics either, the concept of superheroes has always been more interesting to me than comics and movies about them.


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Oh my God, so what I said was right. It’s impossible to cool down a planet with a heat ray since they heat matter through radiation. To make something colder, the heat ray would need to fire a beam of “hot” particles colder than the planet’s surface temperature, this cooling it down via conduction. But then, it wouldn’t be a heat ray if it emitted matter instead of heat, so my point still stands. Obviously, this prompt doesn’t have to go by the laws of physics, and I’m just making a big fuss over nothing, it’s a good prompt is what I’m trying to say.


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Adrian laughed.

“Yeah. His name is Jeff.”

Darren narrowed his eyes. “Are you mocking me?”

“No! I actually named him Jeff.”

The sharpshooter scoffed at that, Pinpoint slung over his shoulder.

“The name of a guardian’s weapon is to be taken extremely seriously. It’s a unique reflection of the very magic composing it and you called it Jeff?!”

“I was like, 14 then! I kinda just thought it was funny, you know?”

Darren sighed. “What does Jeff do, then?”

Adrian raised his sword as it resonated with great energy.

“Today’s your lucky day. You get to see a live demonstration!”

The guardians approached the headless godborn. It appeared to have a humanoid figure and was riding on a horse. According to Darren, it was a dullahan, a rare and deadly species of godborn. Nevertheless, this was what Adrian had travelled the world for. He was sure of it.

Darren opened fire on the dullahan, raining down homing bullets on the beast. It lashed the air with its spinal whip, trying unsuccessfully to parry. Sensing an opening, Adrian stabbed his sword into the ground and channeled its power.

A line of ivory spikes jutted out of the ground from the blade towards the dullahan. One of the stalagmites managed to impale its body, pinning it in place. It struggled uselessly, flailing around with its whip.

“Keep your distance!” yelled Darren. “There’s no telling what that whip can do!”

“Calm down! I’ve got this.”

Adrian simply pointed Jeff at the creature and its blade extended in an instant, penetrating its skull. One dullahan, dead.

“I don’t get it. What does Jeff do?”

As the dullahan melted away, its eburdoreum whip stayed intact, rushing to Adrian’s sword like paper clips to a magnet.

“Our weapons are built from godbone, each with its own domain, fire, sky, wisdom. Jeff was forged from the bones of the skeleton god.” Adrian said as the sword and whip merged into one. “And that’s what makes him the strongest of them all.”