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I prefer corn tortillas, however...if you lightly warm up a flour tortilla they're absolutely not chewy at all. That's how my parents always did it. Little bit of butter, stack 'em, warm them in an oven wrapped in foil. No loss of moisture, no chewiness.

Hard as hell to find corn tortillas where I live.


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At its native resolution you can run basically any game. Might need to be on low settings for the big titles like Cyberpunk if you want to be closer to stable 60.Though many can be run at 30 fps on higher settings. And of course basically everything else runs stable 60. It's quite impressive.

I've never docked it before but sounds like it runs basically the same and at 1080p on tvs/monitors.


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In case you weren't aware, real human beings with lives and families also work at big studios, so specifying "indie" is pretty pathetic. Support games you enjoy, period. If you're going to pirate, do it but don't pretend you have some moral and just excuse. You don't. You're hurting real people regardless of how many people are employed to work on the game.