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Speaking by anecdotes, I, seem to have issues with anything store bought/processed gluten. It's not even minor either it's pretty severe reactions. However, if I were to go and buy a bag of whole wheat flour, or even make my own flour from scratch with a blender and use that on recipes to make my own bread and other gluten products, I seem to have 0 issues.

I haven't put my finger on what it could be I check very carefully on labels now and try to make comparisons of products that flare me up although lately I've just eliminated most processed foods from my diet anyways since the recent findings that ultra processed foods is a leading cause of cancer.

Maybe it's the way they process the gluten these days or mixture of cheaper products/oils/ sugars/ flavors comparatively to about ten years ago. Whatever it is, it's in everything now. I have no choice but to avoid anything that isn't whole foods.


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Yeah but you didn't swab the door handle of the guy ahead me who decided to give himself a water bottle enema with toliet water while afterwards walking out without washing his hands.


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What? They have been following every single right wing play from the USA for the last 20 years that I've paid attention to.

They see it works down there so they always try it here.

Issue is, it wasn't working so they had to make a coalition of every right wing political party and form a massive gaping hole that flaps around. They can't even agree on what they should represent for their platform they just want to win based on fear and hatred for the left.

If the coalition ever breaks you will never even have to worry about a right wing political win ever again in the history of Canada.

It's honestly what we are waiting for with poliviere. We are hoping he breaks them up by being too far right. Then the NDP will probably win every election after that with Liberals close behind.