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We had a household once where we took turns doing the dishes. It was your turn until you did all of them. If you waited a coupla days it was still your turn, but the stack was higher. Kind of self limiting behavior for the slackers.


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I've had a pair of 3M Worktunes bluetooth headphones or years. They are made for construction jobs, keep out harmful noise, sound great. I was thinking about posting about them as BIFL. Not that any electronics is going to last that long but they have outlasted several phones.


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You and I are in the same boat, buddy. I was suffering from migraines and migraine associated vertigo, which can take a month to resolve. I did a sort of study on my self, keeping notes and alternating NSAIDS, and concluded that Naproxen at highest recommended dose helped my symptoms more than Ibuprofen (advil) at highest recommended dose.

Nothing in this thread is reassuring. Tylenol sounds like the least safe option.


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Women's high heel shoes cause bunions by design. They do not allow enough room for the toes. Look at them - nobody has toes that point that sharply toward the middle of the foot, unless their feet have been destroyed by these foot-stranglers. They cause shortening of the calf muscle, until you can't stand properly on bare feet.

I don't care how well made a high heel shoe is, it is not BIFL if it causes medical problems later in life. I wish women would revolt and simply refuse to wear them.


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The story I have heard, explorers asked a tribe what the name of that river was. The natives thought the were asking about the tribe that lived up that river. "We call them the mud people". The river and the region has been called Missouri ever since. Mud people.