Hephaestus_God t1_j9la8ro wrote

Put a damp paper towel (squeeze the water out) over whatever you are heating up.

Microwaves heat up water molecules so by doing this the “micro waves” hit the towel first and you get a better and uniform heat. So your plate won’t be as hot.


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Reply to comment by Freyjen in "glxwr", made by me by xrev_v

I want to rub my hands all over his chest and face.

Specifically shove my fingers in those chest valleys and pull as hard as I can and scratch the little bumpy stalks.


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I like to imagine this thing under the marsh with the little heads popping up.

But all the heads just have casual conversations with each other 24/7.

  • “Hey mark, what have you been up to today?”

  • “bill for f… never mind”

  • “no what were you going to say?”

  • “bill we never leave each others sight what do you mean “what did I do today”‽”