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Looks like you decided that I am the perfect villain... Little point in discussing then. So maybe read that article here then, it's pretty much my point.

I completely agree with this part here:

Where does this leave us? In a sense, none of this argues against the claim that “breast is best”. It seems it is best in terms of infant health. Where I think we run into complexity is in how we contextualise the size of the benefits, taking into account the fact that breastfeeding is difficult and may not be practical for all.


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Sorry if that came over the wrong way. We were struggling with our first born as well and had the baby formula ready to be used, when everything started to work out. I grew up bottle fed, not because my mother didn't have enough milk or not enough time, but because she honestly fell for all the advertising and believed that baby formula is actually better than breastfeeding. It was so deeply rooted, that she even asked us if we didn't think it was better to use formula, despite there being no need for it.

Of course the most important thing is that the baby is feeding, one way or the other. My sentence was aiming at the advertisement, and claiming false health benefits, which lead to people actually believing that breastfeeding is for parents who cannot afford formula.