Herne8 t1_iu8o1bc wrote

I was in Weymouth when they filmed the harbour scenes for Dunkirk. I can't remember for the life of me were he got it, but my friend ended carrying around a fluffy pink teddy bear and we spent a good 20 minutes drunkenly walking around the set pieces lining the harbour trying to find somewhere to hide it where it might go unnoticed on the off chance that it made it into the background in the film.

Alas, we ended up just hurling it into someone's open second floor window and running away.


Herne8 t1_iu3x1ga wrote

Probably one of the best movies ever made. When I was 19 I'd broken up with my GF and was seriously depressed. My mom took me on a seaside break to one of my favourite childhood holiday spots to cheer me up. Shawshank was one of the 3 VHS tapes that the caravan we stayed in had to offer. I think I watched it 5 times.


Herne8 OP t1_itx1psb wrote

Dunno, credits are rolling on SatS as I type this and I think I might actually like it more. There were a lot of badass moments in it that I know will stick in my memory. The effects are definitely not great, but I wouldn't say any worse than Conan's. Both are limited by their budgets and era. The sets and costumes also seem more elaborate to me.

It's definitely one that I can see myself rewatching from time to time.