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That is the thing! You see, the question raised here is how any one country can regulate and judiciate a technology when it also has the power to wreak havoc in our own backyards.

The only thing, from a moral point of view, is first to check our own uses and growth, and only then can we be able to regulate and catch our adversarial nations if they go beyond the line and can impact homeland security.

This is the same as the advent of Nuclear technology. Back when we first developed nuclear weapons, within four years of our creation, Russia developed its own. Fast forward to a few decades ahead, several other nations developed nukes as well. So, if I may ask, who gave others the leading light and inspiration to do that in the first place?

And worst of all, we are the only nation in the world who have used nuclear warheads practically and killed hundreds of thousands of people - some are still reeling from their effects.

Therefore, we cannot ever claim that we are doing this for the defense of our great country. It is in fact more of a fight to become "who is the real lord" rather than safety, something that will eventually become the reason for our collective demise. And the same fear I now have with the limitless destructive possibilities of AI.

I am quite sure many of my fellow Americans must have the same fear as I do.


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There is no resolution to unchecked and unethical progress. Stop looking for such a resolution. The only thing that can save the humanity, and the collective demise of our beautiful world, is to do what ethically correct and refrain from doing what is ethically incorrect - no matter how beneficial it seem.

You might be wondering how progress in AI is unethical. You will see the results pretty soon if it goes on unchecked. Just to give you an example, the level of discrimination and absolute control it will give to digitally-enhanced nations over their less-privileged neighbors is just horrible to imagine.

This is coming from a proud American himself, but as a true patriot, I would rather barter the golden moral values against the progress of some technologies which just don't seem right or may inflict a great future disaster.


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It will then remind us all about the same AI bot which locked the course of the spaceship, against the will of the resident astronaut, in the landmark movie 2001: Space Odyssey.

It will then also remind us of all of the warnings given to us by the late great Stephen Hawking to relocate to another planet or die out.

Regulation will not work here - technology's progress has to be done within ethical parameters, and if anything goes further beyond it, it should be stopped until the right time comes - no matter how beneficial it may seem.

Take the example of the emotional supremacy given to us by Nuclear Weapons, back in the 50s. Did that progress do any good? As a matter of fact, it has brought us much nearer to the doomsday scenario that could have been, in another case, made evitable.