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Just as an example, I just got an RTX4090 and put it in my 2021 built 5600x based PC. The 5600x is several generations newer and a whole lot more powerful than a 4790. My Timespy benchmark was 19,000ish, Cinebench was 28,000ish.

I then upgraded to a new 13900 cpu, one gen ahead of the 5600x. The same GPU then scored 30,000 in Timespy, and 40k in Cinebench. Even that one gen old CPU was a gigantic bottleneck on the new GPU.

I don’t know what card he’s on but it must be a 3080 or better if he’s running 4k 60fps on that old CPU, which means he would see a huge gain from upgrading.

If it works it works and whatever, this is just how it be ☺️


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I’m getting a 4090 whenever I can find one easily. I don’t care about any of the politics or complaints I’ve seen, I just want ray tracing maxed in 4k at 60 fps and the card does that so. I’m sold. The price isn’t that crazy especially considering I’ll get 700 back out of my 3080.

The card is a waste of time for anyone not playing in 4k but for people like me playing on a giant OLED from the couch this is a huge deal and totally worth it.


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I want to ruin it and expose how fucking utterly uneducated you are again but I’m not going to.

It’s more fun knowing that you know something’s wrong but aren’t smart enough to figure out what.

I’m blocking you now! Ta ta!


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You’re the living embodiment of Dunning Kruger.

You obviously didn’t look it up because you still clearly don’t know what you’re talking about and I don’t owe your neutron star dense ass an education. Blame your parents for ending up this way.


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The south ranks at the bottom of every measurable metric from health to education to economic output. The blue states are all at the top.

Objectively. Consistently.

Again, everything you’re saying is comically easy to disprove.


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She’s one of the most loved, popular human beings on the planet. The figureheads leading the GOP are all some of the most detested. I don’t remember Michelle Obama operating fake charities and shit talking vets and stealing classified documents while kissing Putin’s ass and then trying to overthrow democracy to install herself dictator... You have a fucked up definition of what hating America is.

You’re a fully radicalized extremist existing in a propaganda bubble of pure bullshit. You’re totally immune to reality, so, have fun with that. This exchange is clearly useless.


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Believe it or not, we’re talking about today and progressives. Not conservative Dems of 50+ years ago that all flipped to Republicans after Dems passed civil rights legislation. That’s how obviously stupid your argument is. Current Republicans are so overtly intolerant that the entire reason they became Republicans was out of hatred for black people. The southeast was deep blue until then. It doesn’t take a 6th grade level education to understand what changed.

If your dumbfuck propaganda needs a time machine and a complete absence of critical thinking ability or history education to work, it might be time to accept that you’re just full of shit.


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I know right? So many confederate flags and nazi flags and KKK members at Clinton events! Black people in congress are 98% dem and black folks in general are 95% Dem but surely it’s them being racist against themselves and not the poor innocent conservative rural whites, with their long history of racial tolerance!

What an absolute joke


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Lol what 100 octane dogshit😂

Equal access to education and healthcare for everyone are the entire foundational points of progressivism. Thanks for doing a live performance of how all you run on is hate though I guess. Did you even read that last sentence of mental illness before you hit post or is the indoctrination so deep that the propaganda just happens no matter how stupid it makes you sound?

Building schools in the neighborhoods that white supremacy waged war on for decades and destroyed doesn’t lead to broken homes and urban decay you utter clown, white conservatives did that with redlining and the drug war and by denying them access to transit and jobs and militant over policing.


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Lol. That “elitism” is called actually paying attention to policy. The Republicans literally do not even have a platform anymore. Their 2020 platform was “whatever Trump says”. That’s a joke. It’s a white grievance party at this point and nothing more. They aren’t taken seriously because there is nothing to take seriously.

And only 8% of black people voted for Trump 🙄