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In the photo it looks like the size and position of your driveway could be mistaken for a small parking lot or multli-resident driveway. If you're confident that no one could make that mistake when viewing it in person, feel free to ignore this. But if you do think it's possible, putting up a sign might prevent it from happening in the future.


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FWIW I think he's more of a minor financial backer than a co-owner.


"Under the ownership of operations manager Grace Emmerling and her partner, local DJ Jeff VanFossan"


"Emmerling says they turned to family members and out-of-state investors – who she calls β€œminority shareholders" – to help them buy the property. However, Emmerling stresses that she and VanFossan are in total control of the operations."

and I think one or both of the actual co-owners are vegan, because Mixtape is sticking to vegan options and last time I visited Slanted & Enchanted during a First Friday, someone there told me it's going to include a vegan restaurant.


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FWIW, parking is still relevant for those in walking distance. Living in a neighborhood where too many people are fighting for too little parking is a nightmare. It impacts you any time you need to leave your neighborhoods and come back, and it impacts the general safety and peace of trying to go about your day when the streets are overrun with angry drivers, increased accidents, etc.


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we only got two trick or treaters tonight, right before 7. they were old enough to be out on their own and told me they felt like this year there weren't as many people out, and that normally my street is a good one (it runs between Penn Ave business district and the Friendship Parklet).

so it sounds like even if it does vary by street, this also wasn't the most robust year - maybe some people got spooked by the earlier rain, or maybe because it's a Monday?