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Made using https://sankeymatic.com/build/ and all the info comes from a 90 day sample of invoices from Sysco and US Foods.

Post from yesterday got some traction so I decided to do an in-depth breakdown of the plastic waste.

Hoping to use this as a pathway to start eliminating plastic use at our establishment!

I hope this doesn't garner any pickle hate, they come in 5-gallon buckets which we save and give out to customers that are in construction. But I imagine they don't last very long since they keep coming back for them.

Also what is missing from this is all the plastic packaging around meat products we receive. For example, a 40-pound case of chicken comes in four 10-lb vacuum-sealed bags. Didn't really want to deal with that


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We are in the US. Our carryout containers are made out of polystyrene. There are alternatives but they are just made out of PP and there are some fibrous alternatives but they tend to be 3x the price while being an inferior quality. If it were up to me I'd switch but running the place with my elder brother so there is more that one person involved when making decisions :(