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Austin's got a better transportation system than NJ. That's all im saying. Their app always worked their bussed were on time. I didn't need to take two or three to get across town. They were cheaper too. NYC metro was a very nice experience the one time I used it.


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I have worked with enough nurses and doctors that I completely disagree. It's just my opinion but I stand by it. Most doctors I have interacted with in hospitals were either overworked people who are only barely hanging on to their sanity or an old fuck who's not really interested in the patient's beyond here is what you need, pay on the way out. Not to mention still believe outdated information on things they should have continued to educate themselves.


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Seems simply limiting the types of drugs they have the power to prescribe would solve every issue the doctors have (-Ego). Why the fuck do I need a doctor to prescribe extra strong ibuprofen? I can see why letting them prescribe controlled drugs would be a problem. But that's it tbh. Doctors are over worked and many are undereducated when it comes to what actually matters to a patent.

Also, pay the nurses more. They do more work than doctors and harder work.


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Almost like technology marches on and it wasn't some super weapon created by the boogyman in your closet. I'm super excited about this. It's a massive step forward and is going to save so many lives.


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I would not bet on him being found. Somewhere around .001% at leased. I'm having a hard time nailing specific laws down for Staten island but even in NJ.

N.J.S.A. 2C:39-5, BB guns and other typically thought of as non-lethal types of weapons, like pellet guns and air guns, are classified as firearms that are illegal to possess, just like a handgun, rifle or shotgun, unless licensed and kept appropriately.

"The shooter could be charged with Simple Battery (misdemeanor) all the way up to and including Aggravated Assault (Felony) based on the specific facts of the case and the injury resulting from the attack"

Seeing as how no one was really hurt I would be more afraid of the lawsuit the parent would level than the law. As for possession added on that's just a fat ticket in most circumstances.

So I think I agree, absent hate crime charges it's unlikely to be jail time.