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The original hunger games book was great. The sloppy attempt of turning it into the next Harry Potter saga as fast as possible not so much. The sequels weren't that good IMO, especially the last one. It's inferior world building all to make a quick buck.


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In 2007 you could still edit wikipedia really easily and that's when it started to get really big and started appearing at the top of every Google search.

When I was in high school we would change it on purpose for smaller things as a prank (one of our teachers had a page because they were published).

I remember in history class we would edit it to show how easy misinformation could get published on the internet.

They tightened it up after, so that's probably why the edit numbers went down.


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Are the catcalling construction guys a victim of their jobs increasing their testosterone? If we made a bunch of insurance agents work construction for a year would they start to feel the biological compulsion to yell "why doncha smile?"



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The one scene I don't see get discussed much is when his brother whos supposed to take over so he can leave shows up married with a fantastic job offer, and he just knows he's never getting out of there. That's when he goes over to Mary and decides his dreams are over. Its supposed to be some super romantic scene but it's really him coming to terms with quitting his dreams and settling. She is plan B. He's mad about it and conflicted.


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But if you don't need structural support and can wrap it around all sorts of stuff, that's a huge advantage. As an architect, panel size, limited space, and structural support are tge major reasons why we don't put solar on roofs when the building even when the owner has expressed interest in it.