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We've had that conversation and its a resounding yes. Giving people a better life from their first moments is a no brainer.

You're probably more focus on the weird things like making kids taller or whatever. Rich people are going to do rich people things. We'll see how that works out.


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Encryption isn't all that interesting. Any alien signal won't be built on our protocols or use our language. We are unable to understand an alien signal whether encrypted or not. The signal will look artificial either way.

The real assumption is that aliens capable of transmitting signals over galactic distances are still using RF to communicate.


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You're making baseless accusations and are wildly uniformed about the state of the world. Do you understand the current proposal is due to China's huge swing in covid cases? That's nothing like what Trump was doing.

But again, you're likely more aware of this since you have strong opinions and you're just arguing in bad faith.


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>no business is guaranteed profits

What sucks about this is that many parts of the US government need the stock market to continue going up. Lots of things like retirement funds, futures markets, employment, etc. requires the economy to continue growing. So feeding profits to companies like Exxon helps with that, basically giving them guaranteed profits. It really sucks.


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Calling Qatar third world is not helpful. The country has immense wealth, its citizens have one of the highest standards of living anywhere in the world.

What needs to be said is that it has a slave-based economy that didn't exist in the 20th century. It is completely foreign to the Western world, even as it is just an extreme form of our own economies.