Hminney t1_j5v8823 wrote

I like the way you gradually untangle the programming. And also show an understanding, both of depression and of responding to depression. The bot has experienced failure and impossible challenge - not the same as the human but there are millions of ways people can feel inadequate, so the ways a bot feels inadequate are definitely on that spectrum


Hminney t1_j0q7isv wrote

Well written, great flow and captures the concentration of the demon. In a short story there isn't time, but I would like to hear more about why the demon agreed to help the warlock without eating his soul, and if the hinges were available, why the demon opened the lock itself


Hminney t1_iuf2hna wrote

That would be nice. But a Robin's egg is about 8cc not 80cc, so at 19g/cc that's 144g gold worth a little under $8k. Still a tidy sum, I'd go on doing night shifts as a barrista for that kind of income, even after I was rich! But yes, 50,000 years before I could buy twitter and turn it over to trolls