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Me too. That’s why whenever I go for a day hike I bring a gallon of water, a sleeping bag, several days of food, make shift shelter, a sat phone, a water filter, some fire starter, bear mace, a couple flares, a hatchet, a gun, a first aid kit, and most importantly a full change of clothes in case I get wet.

Don’t know why everyone doesn’t do this for every hike they go on


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Humans get inspired by their own perception and imperfect memories of other artists and experiences in their life, AI models literally take the art and add it to their model.

Regardless, you seem to be proposing we treat AI models as if they are human beings and not products. We aren’t going to do that. It’s a nice philosophical game maybe, but if you just look at the facts of the matter you’re dealing with a case of a company taking unlicensed artwork and adding it into their product.


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Some of these shortages likely won’t be a massive issue. You can look to israel for saltwater treatment, they figured it out because they couldn’t be dependent on their neighbors not damming their fresh water sources.

It’s inevitable this investment eventually comes to the American southwest, and eventually spreads out through humanitarian efforts to developing nations experiencing drought.

Similarly, several other people in this thread have discussed the alternatives to modern fertilization.

In fact almost all of the issues with shortages likely won’t be a big problem has they have known alternatives in place. The cost/benefit from a strictly financial perspective just isn’t there yet to implement them. And as a result our natural resources continue to suffer