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Yeah. I've got an 850 score and haven't carried a balance on a credit card in 20 years. I pay no attention to the interest rate of my credit cards.

I suppose if I need to get another mortgage someday the good score might come in handy, but otherwise it serves no real purpose in my life.


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Reply to comment by nathanfay in A lengthy sink by mmketamen_0273

People in wheelchairs need a sink that sticks out further so they can reach it while in their chair. You'll notice on such sinks that there is clear space underneath for the wheelchair to roll under it. The sink is also at a lower height than non-ADA sinks.


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The size may be dictated by the size of your husband's laptop. The bigger his laptop, the larger a backpack needed to carry it.

I'm a fan of Tom Bihn, and they have several options (the Synik 22 and Synapse 19 or 25) that are smaller backpacks. They can accommodate laptops up to certain sizes. I like a smaller backpack and use a Synik 22 which holds my 14" laptop and has great organization for carrying other things. Their quality is top-notch.


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There should be an adjustment you can make on the motor assembly to increase the closing force. The resistance just seems to sometimes overcome that setting and reverse the door. If you increase that closing force a bit it should resolve the problem.

It should be a small screw or knob that can be turned to increase/decrease the closing force.


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It's there intentionally to provide a stop for people walking downhill who have trouble slowing down. Also to prevent cyclists/skateboarders from abusing the hill.

That ramp is way too steep to be intended for wheelchair use, and it would legally require at least a couple of landings on the way down as well.


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Festool is worth a premium price. The tools are excellent quality and thoughtfully designed. However, the amount of premium over good-quality alternate tools is probably not entirely justified.

If you are a professional contractor/craftsman who uses your tools heavily and make a living off them, then by all means invest in Festool. And if you just want extremely high-quality tools and are willing to pay the high price for them, then they are a great choice. I'm very happy with the several Festool tools I own.

But those alternative brands are also high-quality tools. You can buy those and be very happy with them. For the average home DIYer or home craftsman they are all that is needed, particularly if money is a factor. They will all be BIFL quality for typical amateur usage.


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You don't specify what size backpack you are looking for, and what kind of carrying it needs to do. Those are essential details.

But I can recommend Tom Bihn backpacks. Very high quality and durable backpacks of numerous varieties and capacities, as well as other travel bags. I've got bags of theirs I've been using for more than 15 years that still look good as new.

They're not cheap, and some don't care for the functional aesthetics, but they have a very loyal following.