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Well, what are you trying to share?

If it is to be on the lookout for a rapist, then having the description of the rapist would be important.

Beyond that, it just feels like a random story meant to instill fear rather than do anything. At least for Uber, you can call for help in the app or just call 911 if shit is going sideways like this.


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The issue with Hoboken is coastal flooding, not local rainfall. To fix flooding in Hoboken, they are going to need walls preventing the Hudson from coming into the terminal. That is why they are costing the project in the billions. It is also why you need more than just better drainage at the terminal.

However, the goal of the NJTA project is to replace all the bridges from the Newark Bay Bridge to the Holland Tunnel approach. The project isn't just to add a lane, but replace the whole viaduct.


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But the replacement of the I-78 viaduct isn't a paving job. They aren't spending the money mainly on asphalt, but on bridges and other structures. Most of the work to protect Hoboken from flooding is going to be different structures like retaining walls. You are going to need a heavy structural firm to do either job, so you are likely going to have the same set of contractors.


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Who is they?

The New Jersey Turnpike Authority is a self funding agency that makes money from tolls on its road. It is using that money to fund this program over decades.

NJTransit is an independent agency, but it relies on the state to cover deficiencies in its budget. This isn't a judgement against NJTransit, as mass transit typically requires subsidies. If NJTransit were to build this project, it would be funding from the state.