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Businesses have a habit of growing when productivity increases occur and they scale-up. But is it feasible for every industry and company to do this indefinitely? What if we start producing an over-supply of goods and services? Surely that would contribute to deflation no? Obv it's more complicated than just that tho. But of course a company in a capitalistic economy is going to take steps to increase profits and they don't do that as well when they start paying their employees higher wages.


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Speaking of the "readiness potential" described in the article where your brain unconciously prepares for a movement, what if I were to ask you to pick a random body part and move it? Let's say you picked your right hand. Why did you pick your right hand and not the left? Or your foot? You cannot say, you think it is literally random but it's of course not. It's caused by a combination of a massive amount of variables we have no control over or may not even be aware of.

I don't think you really have control over your thoughts, emotions or behaviours. We are influenced by our genes and the way we are raised, both of which we have no control of. Then we are influenced by our environment, which we don't always have good control of either. The pandemic quarantine affected me but there was nothing I could do to stop it.

The illusion of free will is a mechanism our brains developed to allow us to function as a species and survive. It may be an illusion but it is a necessary one often times.


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Yeah virtue signaling that has a positive impact on society is still a good thing. We always act selfishly when trying to help others, because it makes us feel better about ourselves, or we know we'd feel guilty if we didn't do it. But it's still a good thing.

I just wonder how many of those calls were just non-suicidal people either ignorantly, or curiously, calling the number and took up room that ppl who really need it could've used. But i doubt that represents the majority of the additional calls.


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The cost to produce an episode has gone up often times too. I think viewers expect higher quality TV with more special effects and variety nowadays than what we were accustomed to decades ago.


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Well on average I think an episode of serialized tv is more expensive and time consuming to produce than a one off, flavor of the week plot. I heard people expect more nowadays in terms of quality when it comes to TV. In the same sense that video games have gotten more expensive to produce, when adjusted for inflation, you gotta spend alot more in order to avoid negative ratings now. That's just paraphrasing I heard somwhere else though. But I can see how a tv show with hardly any special effects that focuses more on dialogue and character development like start trek TNG vs modern trek, would get less attention.