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What makes you think the Irish potato famine might not been known about at all? Or that it was wholly a tragic accident? I don’t know anyone that thinks this

In school in the 90’s, all we were taught was that the British Empire was a bad thing. I don’t ever remember being taught the empire was glorious at all

A good example (because I know someone is going to bring it up) is Oliver Cromwell. We learned about him in school as basically a dictator. He banned Christmas (probably didn’t personally) and was a Puritan. We’re taught that life under him wasn’t very good at all. In fact, after he died, the English exhumed his body and cut his head off. But, there is the article people get giddy over of “top 100 Britons” that they love to link. This gets twisted by people on the attack as “Brits see Cromwell as a hero”. In fact, people are just stupid and simply don’t know more than 10 historical Britons and that’s how he made the list.

Who is understating the role of the Soviet Union? What decade are you referring to, the 1950’s?


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I once read big cats over the past millions of years go extinct because they get too big, need more food, then struggle to adapt to ecological changes. I wonder if lions are more successful because of this gene and the reason for it to stick around


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Even the small countries in Europe think they’re culturally superior. It’ll never go away. It’s deeply ingrained into our thoughts (like elsewhere, Japan for example). Even more left-wing people in Europe think they’re culturally superior, they just go a different way about it.

Also, we will dig deep into our history to dredge up something to justify hatred of our neighbours, even if it was 200 or 600 years ago. That’s just the way Europe is


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I also want to point out something people miss. There’s actually not much they can do for you for a lot of things. It’s not a case of “I’m fucked fix me”, that’s why people get ill and die every day. We can’t actually do anything anyway