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Lovely Scam! (Lovely Scam!)
Lovely Scam! (Lovely Scam!)
Lovely Scam!

Scam, Scam, Scam, Scam!


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Reply to Best Sandwiches by arca650

BUMP. Andrea's is a treasure, Subway is a blight.

We need the nun from "Game of Thrones" to shame anyone who enters shithole Subway in lieu of Andrea Sulemeria.


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The article details a Niche.com annual ranking:

"In the top 100, Jersey City ranked 78th on the Best Cities to Live in America, receiving an A- grade overall.

But it received a C+ in public schools, a C for crime and safety, a C for cost of living, and C- for housing.

Rents in the city are among the most expensive in the country, and in some buildings, tenants have had to fight large (sometimes illegal) rent increases.

The town got an A+ for diversity, A+ for nightlife, as well as an A for outdoor activities and an A for health and fitness. It got a B+ for "Good for families" and a B- for weather."


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My experience was very different (was a member at Hoboken's PF for years). Cancellation was straightforward. May I ask where you were charged? (Want to avoid it!)

In terms of local places, Club Metro is about $50/month, though you'll pay an annual fee and some other nickel-and-dime BS. The gym has some wear-and-tear, but you'll find everything you need and more (it's huge).


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I gave up on Lyft a couple of years ago (after bolting from Uber due to their well-publicized issues). Same issue--when I could actually connect to a driver, they would cancel more than half the time. Now back to the evil Uber empire.


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This. Your realtor is NOT a fiduciary, nor do they have any legal requirement to act in your best interests (and it is in their best financial interests to align with the listing agent on most matters). Your lawyer is the only person who is truly in your corner during this transaction.

That said, $1200-$2000 is about right for a standard, residential closing (I probably wouldn't go with your realtor's rec).

EDIT: OK, I misspoke due to my disdain for the real estate industry. Yes, realtors do have a nebulous legal obligation to "act in the best interests" of their client--as does any fiduciary. But see comment below as to why they rarely do.


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I use Club Metro on Washington St. I'm usually the only person in the gym wearing a mask. I go during the afternoon (between 12-3, usually) avoiding the rush. It's never crowded (though the dumbbell area is tight, so even a few people fill up the space).

They don't use any mitigation measures that I know of, but it is a large space with high ceilings, so there's that. It's infinitely less crowded than Base Gym. I've never had anybody look at me askance for masking.

It's not a fancy gym; a lot of the equipment has seen better days. But it's got everything you need and the price ($50/month) is fair for this part of town.