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Reply to Fidelity by LetsMoveHigher

Same issues.. For some reason I could only buy a few shares at a time. Must be running low on those synthetics.

Good, I’m tired of the artificial sweetener crap.. Give me the sugar… I want the real thing with my SQUEEZE!! 🍋🦍🚀🌖🪐✨🖖🏼

Note: We control the sugar supply… remember that during the 🚀🌖ride.

We will see $10,000/share if you exercise your options.. correctly. That means educate yourselves… and if you are going far OTM calls.. set them for 2024. Hedgies keep skirting along on your failed lottery attempts.

Last bit: Hold shares with multiple brokers. For instance ComputerShare and Fidelity have great customer service, but I’m leaning more towards CS now (No, not Credit Suisse). Fidelity has been profiting off of this Dark pool-price manipulation-PFOF-criminal burglary for some time now.

The entire global system is broken.. and you are the catalyst that will bring about change.


Hodlthesqueeze t1_iui1n1l wrote

Ahahahahaha!!! This is a predicated on Apes selling (which they won’t), now CS is just going to drag more banks down with them. Greatest transfer of wealth in human history… they were not lying.