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World traveler for 57 plus years, three passport extensions, many hundreds of flights. Listen to this guy ( the OP) he hit every point I’d suggest and done it with great explanations and examples.


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I would think in an open area with buildings all around any loud sound would echo. Depending on the sound, It’s location, the listener, etc I’d be surprised if folks did not hear an echo. Seems to me it would be easy to test. I’ve not read enough about this subject, but again I’d be surprised if this had not already been studied.


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I recently made a protocol mistake at a cathedral in Madrid. A few other folks agreed with me that it was not clear and we’re surprised too. It was a tour guide that took it on his own authority to yell across a room to correct me. I immediately in a regular tone and voice apologized and told him I was not aware of the rule in that room ( started taking a picture in a room with no photos) and no signs saying no photos. He immediately in a very loud voice told me I was wrong, and I knew I violated the rule on purpose. The dozen or so folks in his tour were visibility shaken as everyone in the room stopped and looked on at the commotion. I was not having ANY of that BS. I then raised my voice across the room and loudly sad, you are wrong and I don’t appreciate your accusation. He again said I knew the rule again said you did on purpose. I returned with an equally loud voice and said “ what tour company are you employed by”? He did not answer the question , but replied again that I knew the rules. I then replied wrong again buddy. By this point I’m pretty damned bent. I was going to have the last word. I then very clearly and loudly said “ rude and unprofessional”. He realized he screwed with someone who would not back down. I walked out of the room right past him and his tour group. It was totally awkward and uncomfortable. That guy assumed because I was a tourist he could “teach me a lesson”. I assumed that if I quietly apologized for my minor error he would accept and go about his business. We were both wrong. I have no doubt he received some pretty poor ratings and minimal tips. He made a room full of people feel a awkward and bad. I’ll try owning up to mistakes I make, but humiliate me and I’ll send it back over and over again. This happened last week. It’s been my only negative “ encounter” since I’ve been touring.


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Ok, likely a stupid questions: They all seem to have cold water only. Spraying my ass with cold water does not seem fun. Once you ate clean, what do you typically do to dry your butt? Seems to me your entire ass will be wet. I’ve been interested in them, but not really understood exactly how to use one. I’ve been traveling in Spain the last few weeks. I’ve seen them in every hostel and hotel I’ve been in.


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I climbed it as a ten year old kid in 1970 when I lived in Uganda. Back then it had snow on it. It was always a surreal experience to be on the Kenyan plains in 90 plus heat and look over to Kilimanjaro and see snow .