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Well, they would repeal it. If they made another amendment saying that the voting age was 21, that would mean there are two conflicting amendments. So the only way to get the voting age back to 21 would be to repeal the 26th amendment (or amend it) to get rid of the 18 year old voting age.

Either way, it's not happening. I'm sure Vietnam vets aren't on board with this as they're the reason the voting age was lowered.


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Has Christian Bale, Margot Robbie, Zoe Saldana, Rami Malek, Anya Taylor Joy, Robert Deniro, Chris Rock, Taylor Swift, Mike Myers, and Michael Shannon.

Such a star-studded cast. It's unbelievable how bad it is. And it's not like some "so bad it's good" sort of movie. It's really just bad. Like so so bad. Don't watch it. I'm afraid that by telling you this, it makes you want to watch it. Do not waste the 2 hours of your life.

Go read some reddit reviews of it. Don't watch it.


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I'll just add something to what u/ribnag said: try cleaning the thermocouple. It's very common for them to get dirty due to years of a flame generating soot, and you want them to be clean to more accurately measure temperature.

So get a dollar bill and rub it. If you've seen The Big Lebowski, or are an old-timey serious bowler, you probably know how people polish their bowling balls by using a big cloth and pulling back and forth. Do the same thing using a dollar bill. You basically want to use it like sandpaper.

But it's important to know how it works:

  • you turn the knob to pilot
  • you hold down the knob, which releases gas out to the pilot flame
  • you ignite the pilot by pushing that loud clicking button until a flame appears
  • you hold it down for a while, which heats up the thermocouple
  • when the thermocouple is sufficiently hot, it believes that it is detecting a flame (which it is)
  • if the thermocouple gets too cool, it believes that no flame is present and shuts off the gas

So it's really important for that piece to stay clean, because the dirtier it is, the more heat is required to make it believe a flame is present. And since the pilot light is always uniform, it's possible it goes out because it's not detecting enough heat.


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Check your exact model. Each one have different specifications. The truth is that CO detection has improved considerably in the last 30 years, and the sensors no longer work by "soaking in" X amount of CO, so many are perfectly fine being installed on the ceilling.

I know I installed brand new detectors, and they detected output of CO by our old furnace. Forced air is pretty turbulent, so it's not like all the CO is just gonna flow consistently to one place. Think of it like having a pitcher of oil and water perfectly separated. Pouring it into a new container will not maintain that perfect separation. Same thing for air, but the effect is even more pronounced.

And CO is lighter than air, so you would expect it to rise eventually anyway.