HonestPonder t1_jaant9q wrote

Libraries offer a plethora of digital content, internet access and computers for people who can’t afford them at home.

You say homeless people just hang out there, but it’s the only place they can 1) apply for jobs 2) find the help they need 3) connect to the internet free of patronage 4) be inside

I respectfully disagree with you and find the fact that you personally do not go to the library to be completely inefficient as a reason they’re obsolete.

They also do a bunch of free services for the public like learning English as a second language, community activities for children, providing meeting spaces for local groups. My local library even has authors come visit for free meet and greets, getting books signed, and listening to the author talk.

Oh. And free books because not everyone can pop on Amazon and have it delivered to their door haha

Libraries are so important to community and without them we’ve just about privatized literally everything and cut off all public resources for those in need.

Edit to add also museum passes! They can make trips to expensive museums cheap or even free.