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Who said both sides are the same?

You built that strawman, genius.

The democrats are socially liberal, but economic conservatives.

The Republican are socially conservative, and economic conservatives

We don't even have the option for economic liberals

Stay stupid, I don't care. I can't educate you if you won't open your eyes.


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...the democratic party held both houses of congress.

They didn't pass worker reform

They didn't pass judicial reform

They didn't pass election reform

They didn't pass weed decriminalization

They didn't end qualified immunity

They didn't end gerrymandering

Seriously, we all went out there and voted the democrats into power in 2020, we gave them both houses of congress, and we got NOTHING.

I just can't believe people are still this naive. You saw it with your own eyes!


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This is exactly why Noam Chomsky spent his entire career attacking "liberal" parties in the US and Europe.

Conservative parties are allowed to entertain the entire spectrum of the right from moderate to far right ethnonationalists

While the liberal parties act as a limit for how left you can venture.


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It's so weird the number of people who would side with the richest man in the world, over a bunch of 9-to-5 mechanics and machinists

What the fuck is wrong with people?

Like, Elon Musk hangs out with Saudi Royals and Media Oligarchs line Rupert Murdoch.

It's just so fucking insane to me how anyone would side with him over the laborers in his factories, doing the same jobs that their parents or grandparents did.


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Lol, oh, Tesla say all the unionizers are just low performers?

....and why would they lie? Why would they try to get you to hate the poor workers just trying to secure better working conditions for themselves?

Jesus, when the richest man in the world called you up for duty in his class war, you suited up REAL quick.

How about instead of having solidarity with the richest, most powerful, and morally corrupt man on the planet, why not have solidarity with the rest of the working stiffs?

You don't know a single fucking thing about Elon, you have absolutely nothing in common with him. But those Tesla workers are the same 9-to-5ers that your parents and grandparents were.


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I'm a progressive, but this is a much worse situation than just the Republicans.

The democrats held both houses of congress for 2 years, during an unprecedented era of unionization, and they didn't do shit to help then....

People were unionizing at some of the largest corporations on earth (Amazon, Starbucks, etc.) And our "liberal" party just sat there.

Where was Biden, Harris, Pelosi, etc. When they were unionizing the Amazon factory in NYC?

Why didn't they pass ANY legislation to help them? They didn't even make a fucking speech!

Then, the Biden administration spit in the faces of those railworkers, and wouldn't even give then a measly 7 days of sick leave.

We have 2 conservative, anti-worker parties in our 2-party system.

I wish it was just one party, but working class Americans literally have to overcome both parties in our political systems and i don't even know how to go about that.

Corporations have us check-mated.


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Lol, groundbreaking feminist studies are published everyday, you kinda showed your cards with that statement.

It's obvious that you don't know what you're talking about, and that you just have some weird issue with women.

Judith Butler represents one iteration of feminist theory. Grind your axe somewhere else.


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I feel like there's a lot of conversations around bending eastern philosophy to fix rigid western standards of productivity and expertise, when many of these concepts were built around people simply existing.

Idk, once you start talking about "multitasking" or "pro athletes and musicians" or "skills," I feel like you've kinda missed the mark of the entire concept.


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I think language acquisition can very much be explained by biology.

By our tongues, our teeth, our soft palette, Broca's and Wernicke's area in our brain.

Philosophers who don't understand science love complaining about science being "too reductive."

And language acquisition is one of the most distinctively "human" characteristics we have.


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Falsifying and censoring data is NOT science, it's lies!

The lies about "vaccines causing autism" is NOT SCIENCE!

It was debunked by science!

It was debunked BY the peer review process!


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This is silly.

Science has a peer review process.

The scientific method has built in processes (like repeatability and falsifiability) to help eliminate bias.

Telling laymen to be "sceptical" about science is irresponsible, especially at a time when Measles and TB are making comebacks


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Reply to comment by JoJosregularlife in *grabs popcorn* by Talvoss


I think objective qualitative statements can exist.

There are things that are objectively bad quality. Horribly written, bad plots, dumb characters.

Not all value statements are subjective


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Lol, rich people will pay to do/eat awful things BECAUSE they're awful.

Like when they pay to hunt wild elephants, or buy blood diamonds even though lab-made diamonds are actually stronger and more pure.

Wealthy people feel entitled to do awful things. It's a disgusting mindset, but we have a disgusting system.


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That's not the question...the question is, how did she know?

Insider trading is just an open secret now.

Everyone was calling her a fool a month ago, but now she's a genius?

No, she's fucking corrupt.

People will talk shit about Pelosi all day, but pretend Cathie Wood is getting mystical tips from biblical numerology?

They're all just nakedly corrupt.


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Also, we have an economic system based on self-interest. It's not necessarily "irrational" in that context.

So spending 4 hours of your day riding public transportation isn't necessarily more rational than your 30 minute commute.

the benefits are collective and long-term, but the sacrifices are individual and instantaneous.

It's hard saying one is necessarily more rational than the other, especially when the individual won't live long enough to see the fruits of their sacrifices.

That's why individualist answers to collectivist/systemic problems will never work, imo.