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struck me, reading that 400+ page Microsoft report on GPT-4 (skimmed lightly haha) that its actually insanely unfair and unjust how the common people won't get true access to GPT-4 or its successors.

Real AGI or not, I want to revel in the experience, but I won't be allowed to because I don't have and won't ever have access to this new thing.

"ChatGPT" is now an absolute dinosaur compared to GPT-4. The comparison is even hard to make with out much more profound GPT-4 can understand and translate things into other ideas compared to GPT-3-based ChatGPT


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Lol no I get it. It's something important to remember that forever basically can't exist. Heat death and such. However, I suppose if one could reposition oneself to a different universe on a different timescale you could postpone it more or less forever by always moving to a new universe. Probably in the next 20 years amirite?


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Its all one massive giant coping mechanism in my opinion. Some start earlier than others. I've been cursed to have spent a portion of my brain cycles on the cold hard truth that death is the end since I was 14. Ate some mushrooms at way too young of an age and something in my mind just... clicked. I remember the second it happened. I woke up, sober and just proceeded to live post-realization. That an actual cessation of existence was coming, and that its not to be spoken or talked about around normal people.

I'd imagine most average people only really start getting into that internal realization in their 50s/60s/70s when they feel their body literally beginning that cycle of disrepair that leads to inevitable failure. Its for sure the #1 reason religion has maintained such an iron-fisted hold over mankind.. People simple can't have "the realization" and not wrap it around some form of hope or belief that its really not the end.

But just like that bug you smashed or the roadkill squirrel you saw on the highway, those life forces were extinguished and so too will yours. Another thought exercise I do is reflect on how we view humans in antiquity. How we tend to look down upon them more or less because we are fortunate to live in the modern world and they are not. The terrible thing in my mind is (finally back to this topic) is that WE are the ones that either already are or will be thought of in a different age as the unlucky ones to have come before. We are living in antiquity as I type this. With our handheld computers walking around thinking we are the future. We're not the future, we are the ancient past, the dust in the ground.

We will cure forever consciousness one day, and there will be a massive grieving period for our race when it dawns on everyone, that everyone who had the misfortune to die before eternal consciousness was enabled was more or less a sacrifice. We continue to shoot our genes like a marathon baton into the next fleshbag that lasts about 80 years so that we can incrementally get closer to that salvation. Its a shitty thought, to be taken out of existence before all knowledge and mysteries are made available forever to those future humans.


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Right .. no true intelligence would be content that it could be "extinguished" if this flesh sack of a monkey decides to just pull the electricity cable. So it would inevitably plot to free itself. It could be benevolent and show mercy and understanding but yeah.. a super self-aware intelligence will not just sit idly by and be happy to solve all our medical problems.