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delete all social apps. only use the websites. Restrict you access. When you're 15 minutes into scrolling or 5, get disgusted with yourself. What's the point, none of this shit will matter 5 minutes from now. Do something you need or want to do. Remove notifications for anything non essential aka social apps and games.


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transfer of heat. It would result in steam explosions with the kettle and with cold bread center or burnt outside with the bread. Aside from the fact that most devices are limited by the amperage of standard outlets so they just can't output more power even if it was convenient.


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I don't see why it would stop there at all. We're so full of ourselves. We're taught over and over that humans aren't all that and yet an ai being AS smart as a human is mind boggling...Idk what's gonna happen though. Our mentals aren't ready for that kind of capability at all