HorizonZeroFucks t1_ja9asm2 wrote

It isn't at all. It continually allows repulsive hate groups like the KKK operate.

The reason people are charged for hate crimes in the UK is because hatred like that can lead to violence against minority groups. Because other morons join in and it festers and grows and then one day, someone gets hurt, or dies, or both.

And arresting people and showing them there are consequences to hate speech, is the best way to deal with it.

America has so many hate groups that continually visit damage on others, because no one will take responsibility. The "muh freedumb" crowd just carry on whilst people get hurt.

People are still, even today, terrified of coming out, because of this kind of shit. Because they are told in the US, that they are an abomination, or against God or some other stupid, religiously bigoted crap.

And no one can do anything. So they keep living in fear, because of what? Someone's right to be a hateful fuckwit?

So no, mate, the US doesn't handle it the best way, not at all.