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Those aren't standard garbage trucks that go down the alleys; they're smaller than normal. I don't know that they're custom per se, but they are somewhat specialized. I've gotten many deliveries to my back entrance and you can't fit anything wider than a van down there.

Very little of the traffic on any surface street is commercial or emergency, but you still need the ability for them to get through. And it's not just about deliveries to businesses on that section of street - it's also about through traffic going from one side of the neighborhood to the other.


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Seriously. It's sort of gone beyond ableist privilege into straight absurdity. I'm a healthy adult and I live about a half mile from there, so it's well within walking distance for me - if I'm getting a bottle or two. But once you get up to a case (which is about the only way I buy beer), then it starts getting kind of cumbersome. A case + something else starts is pretty awkward regardless of the distance.


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lol yeah, I never thought I’d see anybody in r/Baltimore downplay our hometown racism.

re: airports, Boston is fairly close to both Manchester and Providence and depending on where exactly you live, either could be easier/quicker to get to than Logan. I’ve never been to Manchester, but TF Green is pretty similar to BWI. Personally, I’d rather drive to Providence than try to wrangle luggage on the blue line.


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I wonder if they've changed policies or if the degree of strictness varies with how busy they are and/or who's working that day. I've gone on days where they've looked over my load somewhat carefully and written down my ID info to make sure that I wasn't exceeding the daily/weekly cap, but then I've gone other times, including twice this week where they've just waved me through. There was a Uhaul van there this week, and every time I go, it's kind of obvious that the majority of the pickup trucks are doing something commercial, even if they don't have any writing emblazoned on the side.


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Shutting down roads won't reduce the amount of walking people would have to do since it doesn't magically uproot the stores and homes that already exist. My dentist or my grocery store are still a half mile away regardless of the number of streets I have to cross in the middle. And if you're only closing one out of every four roads, that leaves 75% that people will still have to cross. If you have trouble crossing streets, you're still going to have trouble crossing streets.


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Where do you live that you think it’s only county people who drive in the city? I do live here and I’m not taking three or four busses to go to dinner in Harbor East or Fells when I could get in my car and be there in 15 minutes.

I’m all for making the city more walkable and for improving transit options. I’m even for keeping the parklets in some capacity. But I’m also for basing our plans on the present reality being lived by the folks here rather than on some idealized fantasy of how we wish things were.