Hostillian t1_jaeq4tx wrote

Google it and you'll find a number of sources from the end of last year that says that the UK was paying the highest electricity prices in the world. Whether that's still the case, I don't know.

Might be better to take it up with them as I'm sure they have sources for their assertions..

Eg.. Cityam Walesonline Nationalworld Yahoo Etc etc..

So just for clarity. It was reported that we did. I'm just passing it on.


Hostillian t1_j06zecw wrote

Did you not get the point I was trying to make? Are you really saying that these two jokers followed the same standards as the entire meat industry - or are you just pointing out a few bad actors? 🙄

I did originally put 'at least pretend to act humanely' but thought that was perhaps a bit cynical - and there are always companies that will ignore the rules. Especially when checks are few and fines or prison are small or non-existant.