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Yeah, I think the second the term “inherent good” comes up the actual understanding of the situation becomes muddled. It moves from understanding the relationship and benefits and detriments of a systems and policies. Inherent values are arbitrary, cultural, and subjective; they obscure the subject you are attempting to understand, especially empirically.


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Everything is always a mean to some end. And in turn those ends are usually means for something else. Democracy can be conceptualized as a value when framed as a form of structuring political authority or simply a tool for enacting a form of popular political authority. Distinguishing between means and ends conflates issues that are far more complex and dynamic.


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I am talking about the article because art and science are different. I don’t need to separate art from the artists because as amazing as art can be it doesn’t save lives or change society. Separating science from the scientist is far more palatable and easier since science is built by a tremendous number of people all improving upon or developing that person’s work. Separating art from the artist is not analogous to pretty much any other type of development.