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I bet they have tons of mental illness tranny bathrooms in massachusetts. Maybe you pedophiles could all move there and push your perverted sexuality shit on kids in a state that’s on board with it instead


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Nothing better than taking out 30k in debt to have “no electric bill” and then have to replace the panels after 20-25 years. Big savings! 🤣


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Democrat war on fossil fuels and energy coming home to roost. They make you blame the big evil companies to cover for their own idiotic policies. We had a chance to vote them out but everyone chose to vote to kill their babies and protect social security which no one was taking away instead.

They are responsible for the price of groceries as well, also largely due to their war on energy.

Ps the government is corrupt and gives 0 craps about our cost of living or well being. No one else on here will tell you that, so I figured I would. 👍🏼


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Maybe I am missing something, but other than providing the water heater with 240v power I don’t think it will be a big deal. You may have to get the electric run to it. I already had electric, but I replaced it with a 50 gal Rheem from Home Depot. Was like $530~. Electric bill doesn’t seem too crazy and it’s actually a great heater. I just got a $16k quote on my chimney and they said it’s unusable so I feel your pain. I’m lining it myself now haha. Good luck!