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The one Caldor I remember was somewhere in Bergen county. Maybe Wayne?

I just remember that it had an escalator because my brother and I would race each other running up the "down" escalator while my mom shopped... the fact that we could do so without bothering any other shoppers was probably a red flag.


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Every year that my insurance is up, I look around at the other options and every year, no other company ends up being significantly cheaper than the Progressive plan I've had since getting my license 20 years ago.


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We're not building more low/mid-ranged houses, and people who bought or refinanced in 2020-21 with a 2% interest rate mortgage would have to be crazy or desperate to sell, so the market is constrained.

Typically late spring and early summer will see more houses on the market with parents looking to move between school years, so you may also have slightly better luck then.


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Just got mine yesterday.

Was surprised that I got the entire rebate. They made me submit a paper application because I jointly owned my house with my then-boyfriend in 2019, but since he's since died I had to include the death certificate. Was expecting half to go to his estate (which is still me since we got married in 2020 but I wasn't looking forward to dealing with that mess)


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Just got mine today.

Had to submit a paper application back in December because I jointly owned the house with my then-boyfriend in 2019 who's since passed, so they required a death certificate.


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I had to both read it and write a paper on it in college, and it was probably one of the most difficult assignments I ever had to do.

It was originally published in pieces and I kinda wonder if that's not the better way to read it. Just a chapter here or there over the course of a couple years, rather than sitting down and plodding through the whole thing.


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Definitely not for everyone. Lol

Google Maps lists it as a 1 hour walk from my parents' house to the PATH station, and then another 50 minutes via mass transit + walking from the PATH to my office.

The original post here was pointing out that it's crazy for it to take less time for me to commute in from further away in Cranford.


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There's even a cute neighborhood around where the train station was with some apartment buildings, restaurants, and delis. Kinda felt bad for them all when the station closed.

With DeCamp pulling out, pretty sure that means no way to get from Kearny to NYC other than taking a bus to Newark Penn or a bus to the train station in East Rutherford but no one-seat rides as close as it is.


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That's going to be a real blow to some towns.

It's wild to me that I can literally stand on my parents' front porch in Kearny and see the Manhattan skyline, but it takes me longer to commute into the city from there than it does from my house in Cranford 30 minutes further away.