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Yeah, very much agreed. I also think of corporations as superintelligent agents.. superintelligent in making profit at least. And this is the result of uncontrolled capitalism. It is absolutely wild that humanity has let this happen, but at the same time totally understandable and not surprising thinking where we came from and how we evolved to be etc.


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The closer something moves to our universes maximum speed limit (The speed of causality(the speed of light)) the slower time goes for it. We call the fastest speed speed of light, but it has actually got little to do with light itself the way people might think of it. It just happens to be moving at the fastest possible speed and it is everywhere so we have started calling the maximum possible speed the speed of light.

So yea.. the faster something goes near the maximum speed the slower their clocks tick. But also nothing with mass can actually reach the speed of light, since the faster you move the more mass you gain - e=mc2, the more mass you gain the more energy you need to push further etc etc. So things with mass could never achieve it.

However photons are massless particles, they have no mass. (Except in some sense they do, again because of e=mc2) and since they have no mass they move at the speed of light. If you have no mass you move at the speed of light by default. Hope this helps! Its a fascinating topic.. as our entire universe is.


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Sure sure, but we are talking about a superintelligence. Not a dumb machine who would try and brute force it. It would already have an idea of basic human types and know all of our psychology. So that kind of reasoning and abilities would keep narrowing down that space of possible minds. In similar way how AlphaGo did not just brute force look up all possible moves, there are more moves there than there are atoms in the universe. But it had clever ways of narrowing down the search.


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Lucky also assumes that the singularity will automatically go well for humans. So i disagree with the assumption that OP makes that it will be a great thing for humans by default. It can also go wrong for us, even if due to indifference. This technology has enormous potential in any direction to change existence forever. It is way more difficult to make it really good than bad.

But i hope i am wrong and i hope the way we would build these things will make it easy to align them. But from another point of view we can also argue just about linguistics. I have no problem someone saying they are lucky to be alive today to have access to the medicine that we have or whatever.

But lucky yea, is an abstract human concept. Saying specifically that we are lucky to experience a singularity almost assumes as if there was nothing existing in the universe. And then a lottery happened to choose what era will be brought into existence. And this time was chosen and now we are here. When yea, thats not how this works.


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A superintelligent AI could for sure bring back people from the past. The more data about them the better. But if you like this particular artist, the AI could analyze some life shows and the body language and tone of voice. Simulate millions of possible minds and find one who would act exactly like that and boom, there you have it.


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I second this! What connection should quantum entanglement and alien life in the universe have? I sort of assume what you mean, but then you understand entanglement wrong.

Why is the speed of light not instant? Speed of light is instant, from the point of view of light itself. Its moment of birth and death are the same moment. Light being born in the center of the sun and reaching your eye, that is all the same moment for it. Light experiences no time. Really fascinating trippy stuff.

I do agree that it is suuper unlikely for a universe like ours to exist. People can make whatever arguments they want. But the universe is fine tuned for life. Not saying by some intelligent entity or something. But that the laws of physics, every one of them, work together to make all this possible. It is wild that even the periodic table of elements and chemistry is possible at all.
That is is possible for stars to shine.

So.. by now i think the most likely and to me obvious answer is that we live in a multiverse. That there are infinite amount of different universes each with different possible laws of physics. And we just happen to be in one that is supportive of life. Id imagine the vast majority of possible universes are just energy and particles flying around and that's it.

If anyone has any other hypothesis besides the multiverse i would love to hear it. But then you need to explain this cosmic coincidence of why the laws of physics are exactly the way they are, set in exactly this way to allow for life.

And yea.. a way to think about life is like a game i agree. Don't take it too seriously. Altho we pretend we are all doing super serious life stuff and wearing suits and going to meetings. As if that had any significance at all in the bigger picture. We are just tubes who find food to put in one end to poop it out the other end, but remember, super serious!


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This reminds me some talk about how if you are a billionaire who does something to help humanity, they get tons of shit for not doing enough (and i agree) but when you are a billionaire and you just hoard your wealth and do nothing, no one complains about you. To be clear i think it is absurd that we are still living in a system where it is possible for billionaires to exist.. i mean i understand how we got here. History and human nature and corruption and greed etc. But it is wild how successful the brainwashing of people is to just take the world today and everything in it as normal.


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>Blame all of the people having meaningless psychological experiments with it and posting about it online.

Yea, that kind of rubbed me the wrong way too. People just saying the most nasty disgusting stuff to this AI and confusing the fuck out of it and then being like "Ohey look at me, i confused the dumb silly system".

Imagine going up to a human and just saying the most fucked up stuff to them and things that make no sense. And then celebrating that the human is like.. confused and thinking what the hell just happened.


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Yes, very true. But in this particular situation i think they would be strongly related.. because the only thing that really matters is which one is better and easier to use.. whatever that is, that will be more popular.

But true that not necessarily. But then again this will be adopted earliest by the more tech savvy parts of the populations, and what they choose will also have a strong influence on what other more normal people will start to use.

Or people will just be like "Oh google assistant is better now" and bing people will be like.. "Oh, finally, i can talk with Bing!"


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Wow, so to the people who think Google will do better, what do they have that could compete with ChatGTP?

I think it is very possible that eventually Google can come up with something better than ChatGTP. For sure, with the resources they have.

But at the moment? Lamda does not seem to be as suited for what ChatGTP can do. They are just quickly hurrying to build something that can imitate CGTPs abilities. Unless they have already been working on a similar system.


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Its also interesting to think about corporations as super intelligent agents making changes in the world. Google might be becoming more evil and evil. But googles deepmind is a company that i do have faith in.

Demis Hassabis (CEO of deepmind) is an amazing human being and you can see that he genuinely wants good for humanity.. so, that makes me feel a bit better about it. And they already have applied AI to many fields to solve many problems we are facing.

And they also have some agreements to limit the evil that google could ever make deepmind do, but i am too lazy to go look up the details right now. Would love to hear if someone remembers.