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From someone who’s learning to drive:

  1. If you haven’t driven in Massachusetts before your probably gonna have to take a week of classes. Videos, tests, etc. on how to drive properly and safely.
  2. You’ll then get your permit which will allow you to drive with other experienced people in the car with you. You’ll need to take a few driving tests. Probably about 10.
  3. Finally after all the tests are over, there’s some paperwork and such and then you’ll eventually get your license.

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You should stop being such a dick then. Your fine where you are. Your rich and have a big house. 200 thousand a year is a crazy amount and your being a brat and complaining about haven’t a mentally deranged son. Like, what’s wrong with you. I mean, it would be better if you brought him to a foster home just so he could get away from people like you


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Just do the witch trial tours. I’ve done plenty and there all fun. One, I remember, I got to act as if I were in the court room pretending to be the jury and another was a roller coaster sorta thing that took me on a tour of the process of a witch trial. It was different stations and each station was made up of huge creepy animatronics of people and the devil was in the background too and people would jump out at you every once in a while for a jumpscare