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Reply to Gamers block by Odenssi96

How much do you play per day on average? Maybe... do something else for a bit? Good chance to learn a new skill or hobby.


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First bout a little over a year ago? Down for three days with the too-bad-to-believe fatigue some people get.

Hahahhaah you "got up to pee and had to lay down?" lololol

I got up to pee and had to lay down. It sucked. Some aches, brain fog that go around, no breathing issues, flu-type stuff at all. Did have some mild aphasia stuff that was probably long-covid related for about 8 months.

JUST got over it again a week ago. This time one half day of much more mild fatigue, aches, then two days of sniffles and a sinus headache. No sign of weird aphasia.


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Lots of reasons folks like living rural where there's fewer eyes to pry. Sometimes its general privacy.

Sometimes you run the Elan School.


Sometimes you're a member of the community and your values line up with the Elan School.

Sometimes you're a white supremacist piece of shit who bought some land up state that fucks his sister.


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"What does "devoted to your transition" mean? Showing your medical care is now "inappropriate"? Or showing your day to day life as you transition? THAT IS THE DEFINITION OF JUST EXISTING."

No, that is a tik tok dedicated to your experience transitioning. It is not a tik tok where a trans person engages in a regular, non-topical living.

If I skydive and make a vlog about skydiving its a skydiving vlog. If I skydive and appear in videos where I happen to have my parachute in my car but I'm on my way to a concert...

I'm just a skydiver who happens to be on film.

If you can differentiate between targeted, topical content and not then you're not here in good faith.


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This isn't just existing. Existing is a trans person doing stuff.

A tik tok devoted to your transitions is not "just existing."

A tik tok of a gay person reviewing movies is just existing. A tik tok chronically their coming out journey is something special.

No one except the content creator said, with this content, "I am trans and this is about me being trans specifically."

Not every group is a potential audience for activism because you feel, of course, your message is super critical and HAS to reach them. Everyone will use that rationale - and has been - and its how oppression happens. Just take a step back and understand sometimes people in marginalized groups can cross lines too. She did.


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"Propaganda targeting minorities should be a criminal offense."

Unless its propaganda you agree with, of course. This is why the issue is how it isn't a person's place, in this venue, to be marketing their political and social activism accounts to school children at all, regardless of content.... and not who is making content.

I understand you have very strong beliefs about how kids deserve access to this information and its okay to push them towards it.

Its not your place to decide that that is okay in the classroom and other people have disagreed. I wouldn't want my kids being pushed to a trans-hating account on a classroom-wide basis, and I don't want other people pushing their personal lives and stories out onto them either.

And for as much as you invoke other "inappropriate" content teachers might push kids to or whatever... challenge them on the merits. Educationally related content? Not gonna win complaining about that. Not-activist or commentary content, just life? Also not the same.

A video of two trans people going out to see Ant Man and then having a slice of pizza at Otto's isn't the same thing as an entire tik tok channel devoted to exploring the trans experience and someone transitioning. Intent of content and intent behind marketing it both matter for all populations.

Marketing certain types of content to kids is always going to be seen as unacceptable. If you think some straight person would get away with marketing their "come see my straight life and how great being straight is" channel exploring their exploration of heterosexual gender-normative life is?

You're actually quite mistaken and even right wing folks, mothers especially, would ask about people glorifying their lifestyle in that kind of pointed, targeted way, then pushing kids toward it. I have right wing friends. Who do not like their kids watching Tate.

People might need access, exposure and representation. It does not mean that they are free to do whatever they want to get it without ever facing any blowback.


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At the very least I think folks need to understand other people's kids aren't pools for unchecked activism.

Helping a kid who comes to you with a question in privacy and confidence is one thing...

Broadcasting your social activism to classrooms... eh... not the same thing.

Wouldn't want the bigots doing it, hiding behind this same rationale, don't want others doing it either.

And identity choices and gender and sex discussions also =/= pokemon or hobbies. All content is not equal. Sometimes not every population is yours to educate or expose, sorry. And what a person might say is just "providing information so they can access it" others might see as "marketing."

Because it is.

If you'd be mad if Jimbo Transphobe McRacist wrote his handle on the board and kids wandered off down a hole of carefully crafted anti-marginalized people commentary? Well that wouldn't be his place. And its about the place. Not the quality of content.


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My child has a male teacher and I'm not spending all my time worried he's trying to bone his students.

But you DO bring up a good point that, at least for the right wingers willing to craft reductive policy to "protect the kids," needs to be addressed:

Men are the overwhelming perpetrators of all violent and sexual crime regardless of the gender identity of the victim.

What are we going to do to protect our girls, boys, women and - yes - even other men - from the horrific violent tendencies men display and their predilection towards sexual violence?


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I agree. Eviction is sometimes the necessary remedy.

But I think tenants should have immediate and very real legal recourses for landlords who don't maintain properties to 100% habitable conditions, maintaining the entire property at code.

Tenants should not be forced to bear the risk of a landlords negligence. Ever. For even a moment. Not with shit railings. Not with crumbling steps. Not with loose floorboards. Not with bad plumbing, faulty wiring or a non-functioning boiler.

If I'm being told to understand that sometimes tenants are so horrible they need to be evicted?

Then you can understand that the bar for providing habitable habitation has fallen too low and landlords get away with massive, horrific abuses.

If you want to respect this relationship? Respect it. Because "it's a marketplace" doesn't fly in the modern era of morality when we're talking about basic roof-over-head dynamics in a grossly expensive market that's far outpacing wage growth. Not saying you don't. Maybe you're your town's one good landlord.

From my experiences renting in my youth, over 20 years ago, if landlord wasn't present on the property too that was an immediate massive increase in odds of "I don't fucking care." I cannot imagine its improved and the anecdotal proof I could offer from stories told doesn't support that it has either.


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" The entities responsible for introducing these chemicals and continuing to manufacture them need to be held morally and financially accountable."

This will never happen.

Half of the people in America utterly refuse to ever do any such thing.


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Of course it doesn't absolve him.

But the point is... if you get rid of the chief...

Does it change the community that hired, defends and supports him?

Yes or no?

Your friends, family, neighbors - people in your community are the problem. The chief is a big, enflamed, pus-filled pimple. But he's still just a symptom.


Downvote me all you want. Until you stand against your right-wing voting friends and family... this is your reality. Won't go away because you wish it was different.