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I know almost all the American Family Fitness places that have pools all have classes for seniors and many are quite well attended. They also have other activities for seniors - they also have accommodation for people in wheelchairs.


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If I am going to recline and read, which I often do, I will take a hand towel and fold it and rest it on my chest. Then I rest my arms on the towel - if I feel anything damp I know I need to look.

Also depending on your bathroom, as in is there a huge amount of condensation then any sort of book will have issues. So good air flow can help. Keep in mind not all paper in all books were created equal - the paper in paperbacks is often thinner than hardcovers. I take this to mean there is a greater chance of them getting moisture due to how permeable the paper is. So I don't read paperbacks in the tub just to play it safe.


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OP if you liked these since no one else mentioned it, might I suggest you check out Micheal Moorcock? He was one of the first SF authors to do a multiverse and his influence on SF and fantasy is vast. His main work is a series of characters tangentially connected all together call "The Eternal Champion". There are many different champions but the most famous you might dig - Elric of Melnebone.

You will be surprised to realize his work started on the character back in 1961 and see how many tropes come from his efforts.