HuntingGreyFace t1_j1do908 wrote

those people who do math discovered its a fucking crap shoot. even if it worked the roll out and deployment scene would make things worse.

wanna know what captures carbon?


wanna know why they dont dive into that space as a solution? because the people who did the math already ran those numbers too.

we cant out plant the problem even if we planted 100x as many trees a year as we do today.

microsoft and google are the biggest investors in oil right now. this is because they can use machine learning on survey data (excessively compiled in the 70s) to extrapolate new oil sites.

in order for current society to maintain its current standard of living (ie gas prices, food prices, electricity prices, etc...) then oil production needs to double in the next ten years to meet the demand we know we will need just to keep this machine of capitalism going for billionaire profits.

carbon capture is an expensive pr stunt made to keep people docile just a little while longer...

how long do you think the big money machine will slow walk us to the edge of unhindered growth?

how many paper clips can you make from a human? Wanna see if capitalism will do the math on that?


HuntingGreyFace t1_istlhhq wrote

then you have unrealistic divine belief that humans can win in the game of survival without actually trying.

why do you think God will help us in this task? what is this divine feature that will save us here?

wont he relegate us to hell like he said he would?

systems collapse and a failure of human survival absolutely can happen here.


HuntingGreyFace t1_isosjbt wrote


any robot with any weapon should be treated like a violent animal in the wild and destroyed with maximum prejudice by any Humans who are within viewable distance.

the danger of letting these things reproduce is far worse our fears and movies can even demonstrate.

Use whatever means to disable, destroy, and dismantle any armed robotic system.

they are not safe around Humanity and anyone that employs their use is an enemy to Humans.

straight the fuck up. if you Humans dont stop them now, capitalism will reproduce them to be on top of every fucking store roof with a flight system and a desire to track targets only defined as Human.