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Yeah, I don't see any way out of the charge. They covered all their bases, and we fell right into their trap. There will definitely be some financial damage here, and I will be paying for it for a while. We just keep telling ourselves at least we're home, alive, and not in jail. I just hope that someone sees this and thinks twice about going out to these clubs because this stuff happens. We're not partyers, we don't go out and do this stuff, we're both recently single it was my birthday and we just wanted to have a good time. If it happens to us, it can happen to anyone. Heck, half the people in this thread keep telling me to go watch the movie Hustlers. I might watch it eventually but the last thing I want to do right now is keep thinking about this whole thing.

I appreciate all the help guys . Just be careful out there <3


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I'm not 100% (I'm not super familiar with Dallas) but my CC statement shows SR Dallas, but then they took us to Bucks Wild. I can't exactly remember the reason they took us there, but I've never had anyone take me to another location so I can only imagine it was because it was credit card time for them.


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>. Especially since the cc has a vested interest in catching and stopp

I did make that call, and there was nothing they could do about it without more info. They told me they needed the item/service that was purchased. I don't even know what was purchased, but I do remember something about a service fee for the girls maybe? I can call them back and see if that would be enough but sounds sketch.


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I definitely don't want anyone else to have to be going through what we're dealing with so it absolutely needs to be stopped. I just thought going to the police wouldn't do anything since I "technically" agreed to everything. Which I also remember them having to get a video recording of me stating my name and that I was NOT intoxicated because that charge was over 10k. I can guarantee anyone that watches that video can see that wouldn't have been true.