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Because different environments usually had to be "tuned" for. Things like elevation, air density , humidity, air-fuel ratios etc all had to be fine tuned for each race location.

Now...that doesn't exist. This, alongside electrical motors having little variantion in a highly regulated sport ( racing leagues have strict limits to hardware and design to help keep the the racers equipment about the same, emphasizing driving skill over hardware ).

It weakens the competitive aspect, though doesn't "kill" it outright


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I get your point, even if it's a comparison to a videogame ( fellow KSP lover here ) but there aren't people on the surface or ever nearby yet to really communicate with. I would hope that this issue is solved before crewed missions take off, it does seem like oversight unless they have a different communication system planned


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Definitely hoping the abort system works, and the astronauts don't get hurt. But sure hoping the system fails to work and is permanently grounded instead of wasting money on this junk. Scrap the whole damn thing , listen to everyone saying this is a waste before committing to more!