Hydrocoded t1_j1xnmsy wrote

I agree. They need to be freely available to people who understand and consent to the risks. They also need to be kept away from people who do not understand and consent to the risks, with emergencies and such being obvious exceptions.

They are a true miracle drug. One of the most amazing chemicals humanity has ever produced. They are also dangerous when used excessively.

Too much use and too little use are both tragic. Erring in one direction is unacceptable.


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Appriss and their ilk are no different in my mind to a medieval torturer with a hot iron. The only difference is instead of the iron they use chronic pain, and instead of a dungeon they use data science and the law.

Anything that prevents a chronic pain patient from receiving adequate opiates is evil. I don’t give a damn if I’m addicted; it’s better than being in pain. Some junkie getting his fix should not prevent me from getting treatment.


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Appriss is one of the most evil groups of people in the western world. They should all be jailed for life. What they do is no different than torture. They are sadistic.

There are millions of people who have chronic pain. We had advanced medications to treat their pain. Our lawmakers and companies like appriss unilaterally decide it’s better for millions of people to suffer in agony than to risk a single junkie getting a fix.

Words cannot describe how evil I believe them to be. There are many group that do awful things in this country, but there are precious few who are so gleefully, self-righteously cruel. They don’t just torture the sick, they torture the old. Their victims are our grandparents, our great aunts and uncles. They victimize our most desperate. They ensure that lives are cut short, as the stress of chronic pain leads to depression, cancer, obesity, and heart disease.

We have a treatment for pain, and these monsters want us to refuse it to those who need it.