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You mean different people have different needs? Wtf?

People who need things that are different from you are stupid, amiright?


Also, you don't even know what you are talking about.

Fi collars are free... You pay for the subscription. That's it. It's not $200 plus a subscription.

It's just a subscription.

Where did you even get those prices???


The opinions of the ignorant can always be safely disregarded.


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Airtags aren't pet trackers.

Buy a Fi collar. We have one. Pet trackers are a totally different product category.

This is like a complaining because the off-road capabilities for your Toyota Camry are sub-par. It's like complaining about the 0-60 or cornering performance of your trail-rated jeep.

Protip: Using products for things they aren't meant for can yield poor results.


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Why? It'll just happen to the next vendor too.

I literally cannot name a healthcare organization that I have interacted with in the last 20 years that hasn't compromised my data in some way.

This is beyond the ability of the "self-regulating" free market to solve. This needs laws, standards, enforcement agencies, and penalties for corporations.

This isn't a "me" problem, and I therefore cannot be the only solution.


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This is the first time that I've heard of this brand of watch... I was looking for an Apple-Watch-style ECG-capable watch that would actually support Android and not be a complete joke for heart monitoring features.

Can I ask, how does the watch charge? Cable? Cradle?

Do you have to take it off in the tub/shower?

This is a cool looking device.


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I paid $600 for a Pixel 7 Pro, taking into account the $300 credit I got for a phone I originally paid $240 for.

With the $60 difference between the credit vs the actual original cost for my old phone, I actually paid $540... for a flagship phone that I walked out of the store with when it wasn't even out for a week.

$540 is $60 less than a OnePlus 9 Pro, and only $90 more than a OnePlus 9.

I actually scored pretty hard.


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Maybe not every flagship phone is good at the same things, or caters to the same market?

I never play games, but I wanted the closest thing I could find to a god-camera. This fits the bill. I'm glad it does.

I don't want to pay another $300-$500+ for features I won't use.

It's like complaining that the off-road and towing capabilities of the Toyota Prius are terrible... When it literally doesn't cater to that market and never intended to.

Complaining about the towing capacity of the Prius doesn't mean that there is something wrong with the Prius. It means there's something wrong with the complainer.