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Curiosity channel has great kid history/science programs, well worth the subscription.

They are so well done my children in gradeschool has even sat with me through entire episodes of evolution :P


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Peasants were used as shock troops as were slaves by pretty much every civilization, they were used to wear down the other side, life had little meaning for most of history.

It still does not in much of the world.

Overall you cannot view history from our lens, it's not realistic.

You cannot say "Well labor was cheap" skill was not so common and they simply did not have the time and the resources to do what you and many historians claim.
Moreover it belies the fact that propaganda and exaggeration served to better the Empire. "Look, they have this many fully armored men" no probably a fraction at best. Writings were also used to pump up their nobility, think of basically most of history filled with Ego's larger than life.


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The Tapestry are as much propaganda as it is history, chainmail is time consuming to make, up to a YEAR for a single suit. Hides, padded armor, wooden and even layered clothing were the most common.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sw2UDtU2SgM

I had to respond to your nonsense about Knights being impossible to kill as well, Maces/Morning stars changed that game immensely while ropes wold be used as well. Yes you have decent mobility however it's still limited. Yes I've fought in it.